Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World Hospice Day

Just want to share some photos taken during the recent event of World Hospice Day 2010 @ Star Conference-Event Hall on the 09th October 2010.

Guests signing in...

More guests entering the event hall.....

Performance by singer-songwriter, Rene Barrow. He event composed a song specially for that event, title "The Reason I Live"....

Atama lively performance with his singles of mix hip-hop Dusun songs.
(For a second, the hall jadi night-club kejap...hihi...everybody is dancing like nobody business..he really make the event happening tho')

Atama - signing autograph for his fan...(Wow..ramai pula peminat dia ni..hehe)

Me, Rene Barrow & volunteers.
(Well..mana mo ketinggalan..hahaha ^_^)

And this...is my small assistant..her name is Kiki...
(Not my daughter ah..-wish i had 1..ehehe...)

Well...thats about it...Another successful event..(ahaahaa...mangkali la...but its ok to give urself a credit, rite??..hehe)

Ok...have a blessed day!


  1. hey fancy pants!
    you have a lovely blog!
    have a good day! x

  2. Anak DR. Barrow bah tu kan?. Bapa dia Doktor di klinic sabah, tempat si linda kerja dulu :).

  3. SJB: Iya...anak Dr. Barrow...C Rene Barrow. C Linda keja sana ka dulu? Sy tdk tau la pula..haha..