Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Its Christmas again! Just wanna wish each & everyone a wonderful & peaceful Christmas...enjoy your holidays!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Short update

Short update on my previous entry regarding my brother. He is now back home safe & sound. Thanks to the Lord for all the prayers & all those who concern & those who are directly & indirectly involved. May God bless all of you! Thank you so much... :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

God please find & protect my brother...please...

We've been so worried for my brother. Its been 3 days now since my brother missing. Anybody who knew my brother Dydimus @ Fredrick Enggoh aka Didi/Ap, please let us know as soon as possible. Police report has already been made. We really hope nothing bad happen to him. Please help me to pray for him. God help us!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

BiG decision was made today

Yep....made a biG decision today..(1 of the biggest decisions la..hehe)...

Its not easy quiting a job nowadays (understandable)...but i already did...1 month from now, i will be sitting in my backyard home, enjoying my coffee in the morning, watching the mountain view, relaxing without thinking hard or making my head explode....Need some time to readjust my life....Tukar fengshui org bilang..kakakaa....

Then, just now, i found this phrase (well...kinda motivation phrase for me la)...its simply say like this..."Don't not look back and ask why, look forward and ask, why not?".....Then i said to myself, yahh why not?...and i will keep on looking (and searching ofcos) whats awaiting for me.....

Goodbye sorrow, headache & busyness....And Hello to the new path of my journey....


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

World Hospice Day

Just want to share some photos taken during the recent event of World Hospice Day 2010 @ Star Conference-Event Hall on the 09th October 2010.

Guests signing in...

More guests entering the event hall.....

Performance by singer-songwriter, Rene Barrow. He event composed a song specially for that event, title "The Reason I Live"....

Atama lively performance with his singles of mix hip-hop Dusun songs.
(For a second, the hall jadi night-club kejap...hihi...everybody is dancing like nobody business..he really make the event happening tho')

Atama - signing autograph for his fan...(Wow..ramai pula peminat dia ni..hehe)

Me, Rene Barrow & volunteers.
(Well..mana mo ketinggalan..hahaha ^_^)

And my small assistant..her name is Kiki...
(Not my daughter ah..-wish i had 1..ehehe...)

Well...thats about it...Another successful event..(ahaahaa...mangkali la...but its ok to give urself a credit, rite??..hehe)

Ok...have a blessed day!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pre-Marriage course is the last day of our pre-marriage course...yeahhh...berjaya juga akhirnya ikut tu kursus...3 days beb...mcm yg 3 bulan rasanya...But it was an eye-opening...A very good course indeed for couples. Not just for the engaged couple, but also good for the married couple. Learned a lot for sure...A lil bit bout the course for my own journal...

The course was started on the 14th until today 16th October 2010. Venue at Paroki, St. John Church Tuaran. Attended by 20 couples - i guess- or more. Some of them are married couples. It was a fun learning course, not too tense/serious.

So today we received the certificate of participation....need this cert for church wedding. It is a must for couple who want to have their wedding in a church, specially catholic church.

Kinda miss my team there....hehehe...

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What is happening with the world nowadays??? Condelences to the family of the Late Annie John Dismas

Last Saturday, nurse Annie John Dismas, 39, was reported missing after she had spoken to her fiance over the telephone about 3pm.

KOTA KINABALU: The semi-nude body of a woman, believed to be that of a nurse reported missing last Saturday, was found dumped in a drain today.

The body was in an early stage of decomposition when several residents of Taman Kingfisher stumbled on the remains about 11am.

Sabah Deputy Police Commissioner, Senior Assistant Commissioner Tan Kok Liang, said initial investigations revealed the victim had sustained head injuries.

He said the police had not ruled out the possibility the body could be that of a Kudat-based nurse who was reported missing.

"(Nevertheless) It is premature to determine the cause (of death)," he said, adding that a post-mortem would be carried out at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH).

Last Saturday, nurse Annie John Dismas, 39, was reported missing after she had spoken to her fiance over the telephone about 3pm.

She had reportedly told her fiance she was going to the Open University Malaysia (OUM) to attend a course, and later to QEH to visit her grandmother.

Annie failed to return home that night.

The following day, her Perodua Kancil was found about 2am, at Lorong Dewan, near Hotel Garden in the city centre.

According to the victim's father, John Dismas, Annie and her fiance had arrived in the city on Sept 30, from Kudat where she had worked.

The couple put up at her fiance's family house in Kampung Mahandoi, Penampang near here.

Sources from NST.

*Poor lady..condolences to the family..the person who did this must be punish!..

Please be extra careful when you are driving or walking alone guys....God help us...AMEN!